Here's going to be profiles of our dolls. They're not all the basic profiles you can find from Monster High official website. They're fully or partly our own creations. Original profiles you can find from official Monster High site.

Abbey Dominable
Owner: Elena

Age: 16
From: Jotunheim
Family: the Yetis daughter
Best Friends: Lagoona and Frankie, but she gets along with everyone
Personality: People think that she's really cold, but she just doesn't know how to express herself.
Other Info: She loves snowboarding and sweets (the older the better).

Toxic D.
Owner: Hana

Age: 17
From: Amazon
Family: the Plant Monsters daughter
Best Friends: Miranda and Rochelle
Personality: Loves the nature and protects it with every cause. Sometimes she takes measures to her own hands and it even may hurt others. She isn't the easiest to get along with, but she tries to be nice most of the time.
Other Info:  The vines that grow on her hands and legs are extremely poisonous to everyone else except to herself. Even if she cuts them off they grow back quickly.

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