Nov 25, 2012

Furleen "FurFur" Wolf

This is one of my dolls named Furleen Wolf, nickname FurFur. She was originally Ghouls Rule Clawdeen Wolf. FurFur is Clawdeens cousin fathers side.

Her style was inspired by scene style. Bright colors and dark eye make-up.

 I repainted her face, made some tattoos and piercings. Lastly I straightened and trimmed her hair.

On her left thigh is cupcake tattoo and right shoulder is a star tattoo.

Furleens personality is fierce just like her style! She doesn't give up easily and fights for her rights. She never does anything she doesn't want to and that gets her trouble. To friends she's loyal and loving. But her enemies should be very frighten.

Nov 15, 2012

Lagoona Blue

Hello, Elena here again! Today I like to introduce you to Skull Shore Lagoona. I bought her from BR toys. She was on sale so she was like 15e. Not bad :)

I really love her orginal ouffit. I wish I had pikini like that :D I think I need to do her hair again. I curled it, but it got really shaggy... :(

Lagoona sometimes works at coffin bean! She got really cute work uniform, I really love the shoes!

Nov 7, 2012

Toxic D.

Hi! This is Hana and my first real post on this blog :D I'm going to show you my sixth doll Toxic D. original name Venus McFlytrap. Mostly her appearance and personality stay the same as the original Venus has, but there's some changes.

Toxic is from Amazon and loves nature and protects it with every cause. Sometimes she takes measures to her own hands and it may hurt others. The vines that grow on her hands and legs are extremely poisonous to everyone else except to herself. Even if she cuts them off they grow back quickly. She isn't the easiest to get along with, but she tries to be nice most of the time. 

Toxics hair is wild with curls and braids.

She has two tattoos one on her chest and other in right arm. She also has piercing on her right brow and both ears.

I've modified her myself. I curled her hair with Elena's assistance, painted tattoos and earrings, lastly I pierced her brow.  Clothes are mostly original, but the shirt is from Clawdeens fashion pack.

I love my Toxic and her fierce style!