Dec 25, 2012

Janet Van Dyne.

Hello this is Elena and today I'm gonna introduce you to my first CAM doll, Janet. She got her name from Marvel heroine Wasp!

Hana did her hair and added some blush to her checks. I also changed her shoes, they came in Clawdeens fashion pack.

Dec 16, 2012

Monster High® - Mauled

Kauppa bongailuja!

Sorry only Finnish :(

Lahden kärkkäisiltä on löydetty hyvin nukkeja! Löydyy alkuperäinen Cleo&Deuce paketti 45,90. Sekä desing labraa ja lisäosia. Myös vaatepaketteja on nykyään todella hyvin!

Dec 2, 2012

Clawd Wolf

Hello this is Elena! Today I'm gonna introduce you to my Clawd doll. Hana ordered he with Draculaura and keep her while I got Clawd.

Hana made him couple of piercing. I think they suit him very well :)

I really love him and all the little details. Clawd is also my favorite male character and I'm planning to get sweet 1600 Clawd to.